AFH - 2009X

Color Enhancing Agent for Black Polyester Fibers

AFH-2009X is improvement agent to be deep in color of the formal black dyeing on polyester fabrics. As AFH-2009Xis consisted of silicon compound, the finished goods show its own special silicon touch and softness.    

1) Appearance             white emulsion
2) Ionic                    cationic
3) pH range                6~9
4) Solubility                Soluble in water

1. Can increase a deep shade of the Formal Black dyeing fabrics.
2. Gives soft touch.
3. Does not deteriorate the color fastness to rubbing of the dyeing fabric.
4. Does not cause the slippage of yarn on woven fabrics.
5. Slightly foaming.


 The use quantity and processing method are as follow

 Padding1dip1nip(pickup 100%)--------------------------------------------------------→
  *Padding solution
        30~50g/L  AFH-2009X
      5g/L Senka Stat 300NT(Nonionic antistatic agent)
     →Drying(110 ℃2min.)-----→Curing(170 ℃2min.)

Notice: As it must be applied uniformity the diluted AFH-2009X to get a leveling heavy shade. Please balance the squeeze roll to prevent crease.    Please click here for more Technical Information.

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